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Lake Magadi
Lake Magadi on the extreme south of the country is the most alkaline of all Kenyan Rift Valley lakes. The lake basin (temperatures above 100F or 38C) looks white with little water but a lot of accumulation of mixed salts - covering over 100 sq. Km. Surrounding the main lake basin are a number of the hot springs with salty waters coming out of the ground at a temperature of about 113F (45C).

The spring waters flow into a central pan where intensive evaporation leaves nothing behind but a thick white deposit of slush. The white slush contains a large amount of potassium, salts and various other chemicals, making the lake area the most prolific mineral producer in the country where Magadi Soda Company has been mining for mineral salts since the First World War. The southern end of the lake is rich in bird life including flamingo, waders and some European migrants.


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