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Bush-run with Elephants: Beware!
07 Feb 2007 - Daily Nation by Pamela Chepkemai
When Mrs Wendy Susan Martin learnt that she would be leaving Kenya after her husband’s tour of duty, she decided to treat herself and her three children to a last holiday in the Ill Ngwesi group ranch in Isiolo...more

Nairobi - It's a city under siege by murderous gangs
05 Feb 2007 - Daily Nation by Rasna Warah
They shot my 19-year-old nephew, Jaimeen, last week. I don’t know who “they” were, but I do know they were young men barely out of their teens who felt...more

Masai Mara - Seventh Wonder of the World
25 Jan 2007 - Kenya Tourist Board
Kenya's Masai Mara Reserve has been named one of the new Seventh Wonders of the World in a poll of experts conducted by ABC Television's Good Morning America. The incredible annual migration...more

Fly to Mara, tourists told
02 Jan 2007 - Daily Nation by Michael Mugwang’a
Tourists have been advised to use aeroplanes when visiting or leaving the Maasai Mara and Amboseli national parks to avoid...more

Obama's Kenyan Homecoming
29 Aug 2006 - Kenya Tourist Board
Popular Democratic US Senator Barack Obama has made a return visit to Kenya, the homeland of his late father. During his stay, Obama found time to visit his father’s village, plant a tree with Kenyan Nobel Laureate Wangari Mathaai and...more

The Masai Mara Game Reserve has been ranked among the top five tourist attractions in the world
25 Aug 2006 - WWF - World's Top Ten
According to the World Wildlife Fund for Nature's website, the Masai Mara Game Reserve is among the 10 top places that tourists should visit. WWF ranked it as the fourth best tourist attraction in the world. Located in the southwest corner of Kenya and bordering Tanzania and its Serengeti National Park, the reserve, covers 1,510 square kilometres and is considered one of World's greatest wildlife reserves.


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