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All incoming visitors to Kenya (except East African Citizens)
will now require a visa, irrespective of nationality.
Citizens of the following countries need to have a visa
prior to arrival in Kenya:

(1) Afghanistan
(2) Somalia
(3) Iran
(4) Lebanon
(5) Iraq
(6) Syria
(7) Libya
(8) Mali
(9) Sudan
(10) Nigeria
(11) Yemen
(12) Cameroon
(13) Pakistan
(14) North Korea
(15) Stateless Persons
(16) Armenia
(17) Georgia
(18) Tajikistan
(19) Azerbaijan
(20) Senegal

The following require visas and may obtain visas upon arrival
at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport:
1. Malta
2. Ireland
3. Malaysia
4. Canada
5. Mozambique

If your country does not appear above, visas can be obtained at the Airport upon arrival, however, it is advisable to obtain the visa from the nearest Kenyan Embassies/High Commissions abroad prior to departure. Where applicable, visa fees are as follows:

Transit Visa = US$10 per person
Reference Fee: US$10
Single Entry Visa= US$25 for three months
(extendable for a similar period)
Multiple Journey Visa= US$55


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